SO! You are here for one of a couple reasons; likely, of which, is because you were tagged. Shame on you! We feel that in this crazy, crazy world, we have done something to fix the little selfish actions that are such a nuisance, and you hopefully can see your douchebaggery below in a picture. Actually, we think getting tagged is pretty damn funny and sort of a badge of honor to even get tagged, so quit your whining and welcome and pay it forward with the next D-Bag (Douche-bag or Dirt-Bag for the old people).
Another reason you are likely here is you have seen the glory that beholds the magnets "I PARK LIKE A D-BAG" on someones car and you want to also join in on the fun and start teaching the d-bags a lesson. Here are the ever-so-simple rules:

1. When the culprit is spotted, take your magnet and tag the car (I like to put it crooked as a proper tag)
2. Take a picture
3. Post to the site

It is THAT EASY. For now, we are selling the magnets at cost to get the word out there, so order the cause and happy tagging my friends.

Check out our Store to purchase some magnets!

-Dirk and Dick


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